Karma & Purification

Half-day Course, 22 Aug 2020, 10am


Buddha skillfully and compassionately explained that the causes of all our suffering and problems can be found within the mind.

In this half-day course, Gen Gakyi will explain special meditation techniques through which we can remove the leftover imprints of past negative actions, we can remove the negative mental habits that currently bind our mind and eventually through training we can purify our karma completely. As a result we can enjoy a positive and happy future, allowing us be of great benefit to others.

This course is suitable for everyone.



The teacher for this course is Gen Kelsang Gakyi, Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Nottingham, much respected for her ability to presents Buddha’s teachings with warmth, humour and clarity.


10:00 am – Talk & Meditation (75 mins)

11:15 am – Break

12:00 pm Talk & Meditation (60 mins)

The live event concludes at 1:00 pm


Drop-in Price £15.00

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Online Half-day Course

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  • You can find Liberating Payer in the appendix of How to Transform Your Life and here
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