All the meditations, techniques and practical methods come from Buddha’s ancient wisdom, but you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend or to benefit from these classes. Most of the classes start with a short Buddhist prayer, sung to a beautiful tune – but there is no expectation that you will join in if you prefer not to.

Each class is self-contained and is run on a ‘drop-in’ basis, so you can just come along when you wish, with no commitment.

The classes begin with a simple guided breathing meditation to reduce stress, tension and distractions.

This is followed by a talk designed to explain the meditations, meditation technique and practical ways in which we can bring the experiences gained into our busy daily lives. Topics are varied and may include, for example, how to improve relationships, develop confidence, gain peace of mind, cope with stress and overcome anxiety and anger.

There is a guided meditation at the end of the class to help us gain deeper experience of the subject of the class. In the longer classes it is usual to conclude with discussion, with questions and answers, giving you the opportunity to clarify any points arising.

Finally, dependent on the facilities available at the venue there is usually the opportunity for refreshments and informal discussion after the class.